Our first Project Postcard was amazing, so this year we’re expanding to include more students, more venues, and extending the exhibition run!

In today’s culture we so rarely mail things. This project encourages students to think about the ways in which we communicate our creative ideas.

Teachers, students, and parents are encouraged to request postcards using the link below. Students will use the postcards as a base for their creative ideas, staying within the guidelines printed on the back. Using the First Class postage provided, the postcards will be mailed back to VAE and then exhibited in our storefront windows and additional arts venues in Downtown Raleigh.

This project encourages students to be CREATIVE, while working within RESTRICTION, and includes an element of CHANCE.

CREATIVE – There is no set subject matter, students may use any materials (other than buttons or string, sorry USPS rules!), and there is no correct way to make a great product for this project.

RESTRICTION – The United States Post Office has a few restrictions that students will have to stay within to insure that their postcard makes it through the mail. VAE will send First Class postage along with the postcard package. We ask that each student use no more than one stamp to mail their finished piece back to VAE. Finished works can be no thicker than 1/4″ and cannot weigh more than a can of soda.

CHANCE – The US Post Office will be a collaborator on each piece of artwork! Some elements of the artwork may not hold up as well to the mailing process as others. Some cards may be postmarked differently or in a different location than others. All of this will add additional interest to each piece!


Teachers, students, or parents can use the link below to request one of three packages:

Classwork Package – 30 postcards and 10 stamps
This is the perfect package for a teacher looking to have their entire class make art on postcards.  We’ll provide the postage for 10 cards, but please don’t let that limit your submissions. We want as many cards as possible!

Side Project Package – 10 postcards and 10 stamps
A great package for sending postcards homes with students to use in their spare time or small art clubs.

Individual Package – 2 postcards and 1 stamp
Perfect package for any individual student or parent to request for a single student.


Request Postcards…………………......…March 17 – April 18
Deadline for Postcard Return………..April 28
First Friday Reception…………....……..May 5, 6-10pm
Exhibition Run……………..…………..........May 5 - 15