VAE's 3000 square foot Main Gallery hosts 12 juried and non-juried exhibits every year. Some shows are annual favorites like Contemporary South and Scope: the Southern Landscape. Other shows have interesting themes designed to get audiences and artists thinking and excited!

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Main Gallery

Under Pressure: The Print Exhibition

July 7 - July 27

VAE sought artists to submit works that had been created through any and all of the printmaking processes that utilize pressure.  Pressing ink into paper has served as a catalyst for reproducing ideas in both in text and image throughout history and VAE wants to show how artists are using these techniques today. 

Under Pressure: The Performance Exhibition

July 7 - 27


First Friday, July 7 -  
July 8 - Ginger Wagg & Charles Chace - Drum Power
July 12 - Reflex Arc - Crowmeat Bob & Ginger Wagg
July 14 - Cara Hagan - The Body in the Breath (In Color!)
July 15 - Heather Gordon and Chris Vitiello - Typeface
July 19 Chandler Thomas - /Skein/ 
July 20 - Andi Steele - Ignorance is Bliss
July 21 -  Stephanie Leathers - Valve
July 22 - Debra Wuliger - Wisdom Collects
July 26 - The Upward Dogs
July 27 - Julia Casten - Privilege Coffee


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