VAE STAFF >  Laken Geiger

Laken is nice and helpful and smart and supportive and kind and mellow and reliable, and she deals with all of us crazy people without getting her feathers ruffled, which is an amazing feat. We've been torturing her for years and she keeps hanging around us. 

Laken is our Programs Manager, working to bring opportunities to creative people and creative people to opportunities! She helps plan, coordinate and communicate all that VAE offers, in regard to exhibitions and programs, like Ignite + SPARKcon, all while managing to sprinkle in more educational workshops, critiques, forums and opportunities for career advancements. 

She studied Public Relations and Arts Entrepreneurship at NC State and frequently supports solo-entrepreneurs in establishing strong communication standards, implementing consistent communications across website, web content and social media.  


  • Wordsmithing 
  • Promoting People, Places & Things 
  • Talking!  


  • Big Picture + Small Picture planning
  • Art + Health Initiatives 
  • Eating all the veggies!