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Laken is nice and helpful and smart and supportive and kind and mellow and reliable, and she deals with all of us crazy people without getting her feathers ruffled, which is an amazing feat. We've been torturing her for years and she keeps hanging around us. (this is your silly paragraph)

Laken Geiger is VAE's Programs Coordinator and works to ...... (this is your serious paragraph about your job) 

Laken graduated from [credientals] Appalachian State University with a BS in Art Management and a BFA in Studio Art. His senior thesis exhibition asked viewers to participate in a social experiment via exhibition on the exchange of information in the gallery.


  • Hanging artwork
  • Leveling artwork
  • Thinking 


  • Inciting dream projects
  • Talking through dream projects
  • Painting walls 


ABOUT LAKEN'S ART [this is where you talk about your creative side projects-- B said photography??]


In the spring of 2016 Kyle finished his thesis exhibition, (insert title.) The exhibition was designed to ask the question of what is an exhibition? What can an exhibition be? Is art required? He also set out to use the exhibition as a social experiment to look at how viewers use the information provided by institutions such as titles, labels, wall-text, and gallery guides.

Kyle obsessively looks into the exhibition and how it can be hacked and mashed up. Wether that is through using Instagram as an exhibition platform, or having people re-arrange bulletin-boards to create social commentary, he believes the exhibition reaches farther than four white walls.